01. Specifiers Manual - 3rd Edition

Industrial Galvanizers Corporation (IGC) operates nine galvanizing plants around Australia, ranging in size from large structural galvanizing facilities to specialised small plants designed to process small parts.

The Australian Galvanizing Division has galvanized in excess of 2.5 million tonnes of steel products in Australia since its first plant was commissioned in 1965 and is recognized for its ability to handle complex and difficult projects, as well as routine contracts.

This experience has been collated in the Specifiers Design Manual, to assist those involved in the design of steel products and projects to better understanding the galvanizing process and allow the most durable and cost-effective solutions to be delivered to these products and projects. All sections of this Fourth Edition have been revised to provide additional technical information related to the use of hot dip galvanized steel.

The company’s staff in all these locations will be pleased to assist with advice on design and performance of hot dip galvanized coatings and products. Contact details for each of these locations are located elsewhere in this manual.

This edition of the Industrial Galvanizers Specifiers Manual has been produced in both html and .pdf formats for ease of access and distribution and all documents in the Manual are in .pdf format and can be printed if paper documents are required.


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